Clark And Chloe
Clark and Chloe are friends who first met in eighth grade when Chloe moved from Metropolis. It was a poorly-kept secret that Chloe has been in love with Clark in some varying degree since they met. Clark has admitted that he has thought about pursuing a romantic relationship with her but didn't want to ruin their friendship if things didn't work out. Towards the end of their freshman year, Clark and Chloe attended the Spring Formal as a couple, but it was interrupted by a tornado. Shortly afterward, Chloe declared that they should just remain friends, to which Clark agreed. As one of the first people to learn Clark's true origins, Chloe has become Clark's closest friend. Clark knows he can count on Chloe any time he needs her. However, in Season 9, Clark's reliance on Chloe and trust in Chloe's instincts shifted drastically after the traumatizing aftermath of his battle with Doomsday. He stopped sharing intimate details of his life with her and they seemed to be more perfunctory than anything else. However, they finally resolved their differences towards the end of the season and gradually rebuilt their friendship. He is extremely protective of her and her safety and has saved her life many times.

When Chloe got engaged to Jimmy Olsen in 2008, she and Clark acknowledged that some things would change between them, but Clark stated that he would accept whatever changes necessary because her happiness was one of the most important things in the world to him. After Desaad forced Chloe to confront her feelings for Clark in "Masquerade", she realized that her romantic feelings for Clark had completely disappeared long ago. Although Clark has not always appreciated Chloe as much as she deserves, he has realized over the years that she is an irreplaceable friend and ally, and considers himself lucky to have her in his life. Clark and Chloe's relationship is usually called "Chlark" by fans.

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